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Order branded tyres online. Budget options available. Commercial vehicle and fleet servicing available.

Order Tyres Online

We can provide tyres for cars, vans, caravans and commercial vehicles.

You can check which tyres are suitable for your vehicle and order them direct on our website. This includes a wide range of major brands and options to suit your budget. If you have any questions please call us and we can provide advice about the tyres available.

We do not deal with part worn tyres as you do not know the history beside them (have they been run under inflated or had a puncture repair). This is why our budget brand is so affordable they cost just a fraction more than a part worn which is great news for our customers as brand-new tyres are much safer and will last longer! Please contact us if you have any questions about our best price options.

Order Tyres Online
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Branded Tyres

We stock many budget brand and premium brand tyres and have something to suit every budget.

Please contact us to check our current stock. If we do not have your desired tyre size or brand in stock we can usually get it later the same day or next day. We do not deal with part worn tyres due to the risk but offer budget tyres for a fraction more.

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Puncture Repairs

We understand that accidents happen all the time and you may hit a pot hole or a nail on the road which will cause a puncture to you’re tyre. This doesn’t always mean a new tyre is required as we are able to repair punctures to tyres which is more cost effective. If your tyre is repairable the puncture repair cost is minimal compare to having to buy a new tyre. If for any reason you have a puncture and it is not repairable then we always do our best to ensure that you get the best deal on a new tyre so that your wallet is not left feeling a lot lighter!

Please call in to our garage and we will let you know if it can be fixed or whether you need a replacement.

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Two Wheel Alignment

If you can feel your vehicle pulling to the one side then the chances are that you’re wheels need to be re aligned. A vehicle can be knocked out of alignment by hitting kerbs and pot holes but can gradually go out of alignment over time itself as well. As well as pulling a vehicle that needs alignment will more then likely have tyres that are wearing unevenly.
Not to worry we have a state of the art 3D laser vehicle alignment equipment which will align you’re wheels precisely to where they should be. For more information on our laser four wheel alignment and to book in give a call on 01283 480404 we will be more then happy to help.

3D Wheel Alignment Services

Our John Bean Visualiner 3D laser alignment system is amongst one of the most sophisticated alignment systems on the market today. It has the capability to do, not only European cars, but imports, modified and lowered cars as well as sports and high-performance vehicles.
This system differs from other inferior systems by giving accurate “as driven” readings for each wheel individually and gives the operator a full picture of the vehicle’s alignment in order for them to adjust or advise of any errors in the vehicles set up.